Oscar Round-Up 2015

The Oscar Season proper runs from about mid-December to whenever the actual ceremony gets up and going. However, the movies it celebrates come out (sometimes) year round. Below is a collection of Recorder articles about many of the various Oscar films, centralized for your reading pleasure before the big event!

Check out Alex talking about potential front-runner Boyhood.

Or maybe Travis looking at Whiplash and Birdman‘s dueling portraits of obsession.

The Grand Budapest Hotel is expected to sweep the technical categories, so check out Alex’s examination of its intricate details.

American Sniper broke box office records and created mountains of op-eds last month. Andrew looked at its positive and negative qualities.

The last two Best Picture nominees are biopics about world-famous British scientists. Andrew reviewed them both back in December.

Foxcatcher didn’t land in the Best Picture lineup, but did get nominations for Director, Lead Actor, and Screenplay, so it was close. Alex’s review touches on the austerity that may have kept it from the big dance.

The Short categories are always the bane of accurate Oscar predictions, but Andrew checked out the Live Shorts to give us a sense of the race.

Andrew and Alex (sensing a trend?) have also discussed the awards season a few times. The expressed their hopes in December and analyzed the nominees last month.

We’ve also had a flurry of Oscar coverage this past week. Alex defended the importance of the Oscars on Monday and registered his winners’ predictions on Wednesday. We all got together on Friday to weigh in on every aspect of the Oscars that we could think of.

That’s a lot of words and we wrote them all for you! So mosey back through our year at the movies and let us know what you want to see happen tonight at the Dolby Theater.

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