Travis J. Cook

Addison Recorder Editor-in-Chief Travis J. Cook is a 2010 graduate of Bowling Green State University, where he majored in Theatre: Acting/Directing and Film Studies (or, as most potential employers choose to frame it, “playing dress-up and watching movies”). He also has a minor in History, not that anyone’s paying attention or anything. He is a veteran of stages in Cincinnati, Dayton, Toledo, and Chicago, where he recently graduated from the Second City Training Center’s Advanced Writing Program. He is also a card carrying member of the Internet Baseball Writers of America.

He spends his days working as a video analyst, his nights in rehearsal or cooped up writing about issues of minimal importance, and everything in between looking around at the best (and worst) Chicago has to offer.

He once met Johnny Bench. He once drank fine Scotch in the same pub as Ian McDiarmid. He has profoundly creeped out Dave Eggers. He doesn’t give a f*#$ about an Oxford comma. He has been to London, Paris, and a small island somewhere in the Caribbean.

His primary interests include movies, theatre, baseball, and the mingling of the concepts, as well as all things J.R.R. Tolkien. He currently resides in a basement beneath Wrigley Field.


Travis J. Cook

Travis J. Cook is the Editor-in-Chief and one of the original founders of the Addison Recorder. He writes about baseball, movies, and music, among other topics. He resides in a hole in the ground near Wrigley Field.

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