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Like most of the Addison Recorder staff, Karen is native to the Midwest, and not native to Chicago. She went to Kenyon College on top of a picturesque hill in the middle of Ohio. While there, she studied English Literature and concentrated in Creative Writing. In 2010, she joined Alex and Andrew at the University of Chicago where she earned her Master of Arts in the Humanities with a focus on Modern Literature, specifically James Joyce. She uses none of her vaunted knowledge in her day job at a non-profit, but will be paying back those student loans for the rest of her life.


Seriously Picturesque. Thanks Silverspector for the picture!

Unlike the Addison Recorder’s founders, Karen has no background whatsoever in Pop Culture and in fact she rarely watches television (at least until Doctor Who is back). She doesn’t care about football (sorry, Alex), or baseball (sorry, Travis). She is, however, a passionate lover of board games, comic books, fairytales, tabletop RPGs in the vein of Call of Cthulhu and Pathfinder, and is currently learning the Fate system through Iron Edda with J. She’s also an avid consumer of the Urban Fantasy genre (Dresden Files, The Others series by Anne Bishop, Iron Druid Chronicles among many others), a runner, and a novice guitar player. She lives with her even geekier husband and their adorable dog.

Karen was raised by a psychoanalyst and a lover of symbolism. She couldn’t go to a movie without being pestered afterward on the subtext in various scenes, metaphors, and character analysis. While annoying at the time, much of these same points come up in her writing and you’ll see plenty of it in her articles on the Recorder.


Karen Martin

Karen was born and raised in Ohio by a psychoanalyst and a lover of symbolism. Never in her young life was she allowed to attend a movie without hearing, "Tell me what you think. Where are the metaphors?" While in Ohio, she attended a beautiful college in the middle of a picturesque cornfield where she studied English Literature and Creative Writing, and most assuredly not film or pop culture. She attended grad school in Chicago and, despite the horrific weather, hasn't left yet. For fun, she writes, watches British television, runs, and plays tabletop board games, and RPGs.

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