Christopher Walsh

Christopher Walsh was born in Chicago and returned there after a childhood bouncing around the country (Memphis, Reno, Detroit, Dallas). He has a BA in English from Texas A&M University and an MA in Writing from DePaul. A lover of stories, he laments any time spent on public transportation without a book and likes to finish his days reading until he falls asleep, hiding the light as best he can from his sleepy partner.

He enjoys ranting about cultures both high and low and is writing the second draft of a novel set on a fictional Mediterranean island in 1094, the year before the First Crusade. In his spare time, he teaches himself how to code, photoshops Magic: The Gathering art on his new tumblr, and wrestles his dog, Hector, for dominance. Sometimes Hector lets him win.

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Christopher Walsh

Christopher Walsh is a writer living in Chicago. He writes about gender, culture, and nerdery.

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