J. Michael Bestul is a citizen of the Midwest, currently living in Chicago (previously: Wisconsin, Ohio, and Pittsburgh). He has a couple of Theatre degrees, both tailored with a heavy lining of popular culture. He spent a lot of his undergrad years as a humor & opinion editor for The BG News; he spent most of his graduate years writing about things like ‘legacy’ characters in the JSA (for the Popular Culture Association) or about the H.P. Lovecraft Historical Society (for his thesis).

These days, he spends his week in corporate HR, his Saturdays in the tasting room at North Shore Distillery, and far too few of his hours playing tabletop games or scribbling words. He is married to an amazing artist who recommends the best comic books & makes geeky accessories.

He also has a ridiculous mustache and a fondness for waistcoats.


The entity known as -J. would be at home in a place like Carcosa or Night Vale, but instead lives near a far more dreary place -- Wrigley Field. He is the patron Addisonian of whisk(e)y and tabletop games, and is often adorned with a waistcoat & his ridiculous mustache.

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