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Want to write for the Addison Recorder? We’re now accepting submissions! Please read the below criteria before submitting.


What we’re looking for

Previously unpublished pieces of engaging writing on general pop-culturey topics. This could mean anything from music and games to TV, film, and books. We’re very open!

We’re more interested in a thoughtful exploration on a piece of pop-culture than a timely review. Are you adding something new to the conversation, are you conveying to your readers why you and only you could have written this?

We’re particularly interested in stories from and about Chicago, the surrounding area, and the Midwest, as well as stories from non-white and LGBT writers.

We’re not opposed to topical stories, but bear in mind it could take up to a month for us to respond, and longer to edit and publish your story.

Stories should not exceed 800 words.

What we’re not looking for

Sports. We’re quite full at the moment

How to submit

Submit your story in the body of the email. Include the entire piece. (Emails with attachments will be deleted unread).

Please use the following format for your subject line: PITCH: [Brief title of your story]

Include a short biography up to three sentences long, with a social media link or two, and send your email to:

Please note that it could take up to one month for Recorder staff to respond.

We are eagerly awaiting your submissions!

Travis J. Cook

Travis J. Cook is the Editor-in-Chief and one of the original founders of the Addison Recorder. He writes about baseball, movies, and music, among other topics. He resides in a hole in the ground near Wrigley Field.

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