1. Alex Bean

    I had higher issues on my mind, so I’ll rant a little bit more specifically here.
    * Birdman is a stylish movie with good acting and absolutely nothing insightful in its silly little head. That it is being nominated, much less winning, awards for writing makes me woeful about our species.
    * The Imitation of Everything is a pair of movies so bland as to defy belief. I don’t know why they were made with absolutely no imagination or courage, but that people seem to like them that way is also cause for despair. I hope they win zero Oscars.
    * I’m gonna review American Sniper soon, but that movie looks like the most vile, racist, jingoistic piece of shit that I can hardly wait to rip it to pieces. Super thrilled that it surged to 5 nominations while Selma sank.


    • One thing we can agree on is that The Imitation of Everything is the opposite of great. Imitation is horrible beyond Cumberbatch and Knightley, and Theory would have been a better movie if it wasn’t a Stephen Hawking biopic, if that makes sense.
      And right in between finishing and editing, I saw “Ida,” which is a perfect miniature of a film which carries a lot of weight. The cinematography is ultra-distinctive, unusual, and helps build things to an overpowering point.

  2. Passerby

    Based on this and your other recent writings which I read today, can I make a friendly suggestion? Spend more time watching movies and less time writing about the films you haven’t seen.

    • Alex Bean

      I am genuinely confused by this comment. The only movie neither of us have seen that gets mentioned here was American Sniper. Are you just roaming the internet hectoring people about that movie?

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