The Live Oscars Blog

It’s a quiet night at one of the Addison Recorder headquarters, Alex and Becky’s home, but a tempest so mighty not even Russell Crowe and some CGI ark-building-action could withstand it is potentially brewing. And oh the eruption if American Hustle wins awards. There will be paroxysms of annoyance, laughter, and clever insults during the musical performances and the more groan-worthy moments, but how much hellish inferno and celebration there shall be is still to be determined. And my job, as one of the resident cinematic experts, is to both put all of this into perspective and document the reactions here.

We’ve seen seven Best Picture nominees and two other probable big winners, Frozen and The Great Beauty, and we’ve written a great deal already. We thank you for paying attention to all our opinions, and your indulgence as we express our final opinions as it’s too late to do any darn thing about it. Not that anyone was paying attention to us, although who knows…maybe somehow along the way, these links turned up on the Facebook page or inbox or Google search of the Academy voters and they thought, “Hey, Alex and Andrew and Karen and Travis really know what they’re talking about, I didn’t think about this movie that way, I should vote for it/him/her!”

Though probably not. YET. We can still dream.

And here is the required-by-law picture of Jennifer Lawrence.

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Welcome to the Opening Ceremony!

Kick off the Winter Olympics with the Addison Recorder! Andrew and -J. will live-blog the not-live Opening Ceremony from the comfort of a TV screen on the north side of Chicago.

Is that an asterisk?

10:27 PM: Really, Lauer? NBC had done a great job of not whitewashing the external negatives that surround these Games. Well, not too much. Then you go and end it by pleading for folks to only talk about what we ‘should’ talk about at the Olympics? No, sorry Matt, you lost me. –J.


10:17 PM: ANDREW says — Maria Sharapova is one of the most accomplished torchbearers ever, although she’s not Muhammad Ali or the Tenth Doctor.

The final relay is a fine mix of different athletes representing all the different sports, including the gold medal gymnast who happens to be dating Putin. Two 1970s national heroes from figure and hockey are make the final run to the torch. There’s a youthfulness in their running, almost an Updike-Rabbit Angstrom quality, which is touching to see. The torch itself is a slimmed down Devil’s Tower, the “Pictures at an Exhibition” recall fits, and together they light the torch, and the most spectacular display of fireworks which thankfully do NOT blow up the roof cascade into…the Nutcracker. AND THE SNOWFLAKES WORK THIS TIME!

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Revenge of #ManningDerp: The Superb Owl Doobie Bros. Smoke-A-Bowl Live Blog


Welcome back to the Annual tradition that nobody at all ever asked for, but is getting out of the sheer kindness of my heart: The Addison Recorder live-blog of the Super Bowl! (I realize that I’m a baseball, theatre, and film writer, but, like most Americans with a pulse, I have watched a game of football before. In Internet terms, this qualifies me to write anything and everything about the NFL. You’re welcome, Earth.)

This year’s combatants are the Denver Broncos and the Seattle Seahawks, two teams from the only two states in the union where marijuana is (mostly) legal. (Hence the title) It pits the fantastic offense of Peyton Manning against my current favorite NFL player, Richard Sherman, and the Seahawks’ Legion of Boom defense. In the meantime, you have Russell Wilson, the Rich Man’s RGIII, against whatever the Broncos have going on defense. I hear Champ Bailey is a thing that’s happening.

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