1. Andrew B.

    Because it amuses me and I have 30 minutes to kill at work….I will force you guys to hear my opinion a second time!

    Group E- France, and France again. They have looked solid leading up to the World Cup, and I’m just not sold on Switzerland. They qualified from a UEFA group that featured: Iceland, Slovenia, Norway, Albania and Cyprus. That is a kitten-soft group. I agree with the second being from the Americas, so I go with Ecuador.
    Group F- Yeah, Argentina is kinda a lock here. I was going to pick Nigeria (them and Ghana were the 2 teams from Africa I thought could make some noise). But then I watched the U.S.-Nigeria game. Yes, I know it was a friendly, and it was in the US, and we had a really good game…but damn, Nigeria. They looked lost and confused, 2 things you don’t want in your tune-up games. So, I’m going with B-H.
    Group G- G stands for Germany and German victory! Yeah, Reus’s injury sucks, but it is like pulling a liter of water out of a lake, Germany will be fine. And naturally I must select the U.S. Mostly because if they do make it out and I didn’t pick them, I would feel awful and have to denounce my citizenship for a day. GO ‘MURICA! Plus, who is to say that Ronaldo doesn’t re-injure himself during a tough game (I’m looking at you Jermaine Jones! Get it done!), or if that Ghanian witch doctor gets a better curse…
    Group H- Belgium is THE dark horse of the tournament. I’m secretly hoping they win it all, I really like this team. I almost didn’t mind them kick the crap out of the US team, just cause they were so amazing to watch. Then I have to go with South Korea, becuase dammit, 1 Asian team needs to make the knockout. I also don’t see Algeria doing anything. They barely scrapped by Burkina Faso to qualify and also looked very unimpressive in the 2010 World Cup.

    • -J.

      I can’t fault your Group E pick. Switzerland always seems to underwhelm, and I don’t think both Europe teams will make it out of this group since S. America is the host continent.

      I can see Group H falling that way, too. I think it’s the softest Group, and Algeria is the highest-ranked African team. Though they’ve usually disappointed in the big events. Korea, on the other hand, overachieves, and I think they’re the Asian team with the best prospect to move on.

      (I mean, Iran has a decent outside chance against Bosnia/Herz, but any team that can put up 3 goals against Greece in qualification earns my respect. Hell, Bosnia/Herz was 1-1-0 in quals against Greece, so I feel like I am required to cheer for them. Have I mentioned I dislike Greece’s playing style?)

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