1. Andrew B.

    Overall, a fun and (mostly) accurate analysis. Here is my breakdown for you guys.

    Group A – Agree, Brazil not moving on would be like the House majority leader not winning his own prim….ummm….nevermind, let’s just agree it won’t happen. As a side note, Nintendo World Cup agrees, as Brazil had the most hack super kick that was pretty much unstoppable and guareented a goal every time. El Tri has a new coach that seems to be getting their head on straight and dammit, Mexico always seems to find a way out of the Group Stage. So I gots to go Mexico as the 2nd team. Also a side note, was it wierd that all the teams in the Nintendo World Cup had a unique super kick, except….the US? The US team, each individual player had a unique super kick, was a Japanese company pandering to the US crowd by giving them diverse super kicks? (Also the bunny hop super kick that had defenders chase the ball, and have them fly off after touching it, like they got shot with a 50-cal still, makes me giggle to this day).
    Group B – We are aligned here, Spain and Chile seem to be sexy picks. Although, I would like to see Spain give the equivalent of the pitcher hitting a batter for a slight from 8 months ago. Thus, if Spain is up in the 90th minute against Holland (when did we stop calling them Holland, the Nintendo World Cup calls them that and dammit, so shall I!), they should send in their 23rd-man and just spike the hell out of a random Holland player. Bad sportsmanship…probably, but it also sends a message…..that Spainards are vindictive bastards!
    Group C- Gah Greece! I agree, ever since winning the Euro, it has become their tried and true formula. However, the Greeks are not facing a traditional European or South American powerhouse, and have shown a more open playing style when they don’t feel inferior. Thus, I pick Colombia to advance….and i really want Ivory Coast, but I think Greece will sneak by and then park the bus in knockout rounds.
    Group D- Uruguay should win this group…and I’m thinking Italy to advance, but then I remember 2010 Italy, which looked like my grandparents trying to play soccer. True, they have improved since then, but I just can’t pick them. My head says Italy, but my heart says England…the bad luck and the random hijinks got to stop at some point right…

    • -J.

      YES, the “bunny hop” super kick. I almost forgot about that ridiculous — yet wholly satisfying — super kick. I never forgot how much Brazil made me want to toss a controller sometimes…

      Even if Greece decides to leave the bus at home, I still desperately want Drogba to have a proper farewell Cup.

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