The Recorder at C2E2!

imageToday marks the start of the Chicago Comic & Entertainment Expo (a.k.a., C2E2)!

As purveyors of popular culture, the Addison Recorder will have staff in attendance at the three-day event. Follow the Recorder on Twitter (@AddisonRecorder), or any of our writers who will be at C2E2: Andrew Rostan (@AndrewRostan), Stephanie Ruehl (@a_wyrd_sister), and J. Michael Bestul (@dashjperiod). There might even be an appearance from our head honcho, Travis Cook (@TravisJCook).

Or, if you’re at C2E2, find us in person or by tweeting at us!

Thoughts from the Dugout: Three Up, Three Down – April Edition

Image of Lorenzo CainThe baseball season is a marathon, not a sprint, and it is one filled with peaks and valleys. Different teams will peak at different times, and others will face dark days sporadically and unpredictably throughout the year. This monthly feature takes a look at three teams doing terrifically well…and three teams that aren’t doing so hot.

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the Fifth Line: Jets Are the First Casualty

I am a Blackhawks fan, and therefore I am a very tired person.

The Blackhawks / Predators series is four games in, and their double-overtime game last week was eclipsed by a triple-overtime gem this week. The playoffs have also been a strain on my attention span because I’m constantly flipping between games. There have been few blowouts, which means trying not to miss a big event when flipping to the other game.

Before we get to the playoff recaps, though, let’s talk about the oil-covered elephant in the draft room.



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J&STAC: Onwards to C2E2!

-J. Michael Bestul is a writer for the Addison Recorder. Stephanie Ruehl is an artist who works in a comic book shop. They’re married and have a lot of discussions about comic books and graphic novels. Combine all that into a biweekly feature  and you get “J. & Steph Talk About Comics.”

This weekend marks the annual event of Chicago Comics and Entertainment Expo, commonly known as…


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