Pop Culture Q&A with Slow Roll Chicago

Image of Olatunji Oboi Reed and Jamal Julien from Slow Roll Chicago

Olatunji Oboi Reed (left) and Jamal Julien (right)

Slow Roll is an organization that began in Detroit and has since expanded to Chicago, thanks to Slow Roll Chicago co-founders Olatunji Oboi Reed and Jamal Julien. The pair have brought the Slow Roll mission to the Windy City, getting particularly involved in Southside and Western Chicago neighborhoods to promote cycling as a way of life. They are sponsoring a toy and coat drive this weekend at Golden Crust Pizza in Albany Park and at Heritage Bikes on Lincoln Avenue. Donations can also be brought to any Kozy’s Cyclery location at any time this week until Dec. 21. Check out more information online.

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One Last Time: Anticipating “The Hobbit: The Battle of Five Armies”

The-Hobbit-Battle-of-the-Five-ArmiesMy long-standing love of Lord of the Rings has been covered here multiple times. I’ve written thousands of words on both books and films, devoted countless hours to watching Peter Jackson’s magnum opus trilogy, and read and re-read the original novels at least yearly ever since 1999. You might call me a Tolkien nut.

And yet, my dread is growing greater and greater as the days go by. The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies comes out this Wednesday, and that terrifies me beyond measure.

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