1. Karen

    Meryl, I love your post. If I want to start reading books by Rowell, is there a particularly good place to start?

    I also definitely agree on female friendship. It’s in many ways harder than being friends with men (for me) because it demands more intimacy, but when it finally clicks, it’s so rewarding.

    • Karen, just saw this! You’ll love Rowell. I read “Eleanor & Park” first, which is probably her most noted. It’s YA, but pretty mature. If you don’t have anything against teenage characters, I’d start there. It’s lovely.

      If you prefer adult, read “Attachments”! It’s an epistolary novel made up of the back-and-forth emails of two women working at a newspaper — as read by the IT guy, whose job it is to monitor company emails.

      Both are so good. Enjoy!

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