1. Laura Brennan

    Laughing hysterically at this. That scene really was THAT BAD. Wow.

    Also, thank you for enlightening me to the “this song will change your life” series. It did indeed, for the better.

  2. War Damn Peter

    I feel like admitting that this movie is bad (which… yeah) would mean admitting defeat in a way. This movie WAS my 2004.
    Oh, and you guys should do “American Beauty” in the future.

  3. I was excited to read this because I knew the verdict. I think there was something about our age at the time this came out. I was in college and I think everyone in our age bracket was feeling the angsty-ness this film feeds into. Now it makes me a bit nauseated and I feel that same loathing towards Braff. You’ve basically written everything I would have said about it, soundtrack pros included.

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