Satiated City Chick: Chicago Pizza & Oven Grinder

Note: Since the events of my first post reviewing Anteprima, I’ve had to change the name of my column; single city chick no more!

There are 6 days until Christmas and a little less than two weeks until New Year’s Eve. Inversely, there are -6 days since Hanukkah has finished. The holidays mean something different to every individual, every couple, and every family. To my dad, my brother, my stepmother and I the holidays hold one special tradition in particular: Chicago Pizza and Oven Grinder, or CPOG. Situated in a 19th century brownstone, this is the spot to take your partner, parents, friends, or colleagues for an incomparable holiday dinner that embodies something all Chicagoans value: the best pizza in the city.

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Recapturing the Magic “W/ Bob and David”


HBO aired the final episode of Mr. Show with Bob and David in December 1998, by which time, as the DVD boxes pointedly state, the network was regularly bumping it from the schedule in favor of Real Sex. Seventeen years later, David Cross and Bob Odenkirk are two of the most respected and influential people in comedy and Mr. Show survived early cancellation and a disastrous film version to become a beloved cult classic. Now the duo are on Netflix for the reunion sketch comedy series W/ Bob and David. At four episodes it is an easy binge-watch, but if it is a necessary binge-watch is a matter for debate.

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STAR WORDS: Shattered Empire

Romance - Issue 1 - Morning Kiss

A tender goodbye between Shara and Kes.

Journey to the Force Awakens – Shattered Empire, a four issue comic mini-series written by Greg Rucka (Smuggler’s Run) follows A-Wing pilot Shara Bey and her husband Kes Dameron, a Pathfinder specforce commando, through the months following the Battle of Endor. The comic achieves a surprisingly grand scale in just four issues.  It tackles many themes and questions – honor, duty, and the personal cost of war among them – that are typically addressed in lengthier novels or films. It is an incredible piece of work. I’ve spoken highly of Princess Leia and Lando here on STAR WORDS before but Shattered Empire surpasses them both as an artistic achievement.

Accompanying Rucka on this odyssey is a small collective of artists – Marco Chechetto took the lead and was featured in all four issues; playing backup were Angel Unzueta and Emilio Laiso. Their work on Shattered Empire cannot be overstated. The book succeeds because the art and prose are knit together seamlessly, supporting one another and creating a whole greater than the sum of the parts. Chechetto has an uncanny ability to convey complex emotions in the characters he draws. The range of emotions Shara displays can be heartbreaking at times. The dialogue is fairly minimal at times with the emotion of the drawn characters carrying the narrative. [Read more…]

Thoughts from the Dugout: LDS Preview

Image of Wrigley Field Wild Card Win

Well, I’m one for two. (I’m also standing beneath Jon Lester in that picture.)

The Wild Card games were dominant pitching affairs, and consequently, we bid farewell to the New York Yankees and to the Pittsburgh Pirates. It’s time to turn to the next round, the best of five League Divisional Series. These are usually quick affairs, settled in decisive order as the best/hotter team wreaks havoc on the lesser/less-hot team.

But first, a few thoughts on the National League Wild Card Game…

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STAR WORDS: Rebels Launch a New Canon

Star Wars Logo

It’s a great time to be a Star Wars fan. Never before have we had such a torrent of great Star Wars content streaming to us. This column will serve as your guide to the Star Wars galaxy, covering the new movies, comics, novels, games, and more.

While The Force Awakens was the first project announced by Disney, Star Wars Rebels was the first Star Wars project created entirely under the Disney banner and it gives us a good idea of the quality of storytelling we can expect from Lucasfilm properties going forward. [Read more…]

Welcome to Jurassic World: A Dino-Primer


By now, you might have heard of a certain movie opening in wide release. Jurassic World proposes itself to be a return to the glory days of Jurassic Park, a time when CGI was a cutting-age technology, and dinosaurs roamed the screens of the world. Since then, the franchise has suffered its share of ups and downs…but the dinosaurs remain an ever present fixture in popular culture.

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A Well-Oiled Machine: “How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful”

2015 Coachella Valley Music And Arts Festival - Weekend 1 - Day 3

Florence + The Machine have not released an album since before The Addison Recorder was founded, and anticipation for their third long-player has built over that four-year stretch thanks to a smattering of hit singles and live performances. If there were any fears that the long wait might have resulted in disappointment, I am happy to report that such worry is groundless. How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful is a sterling, entrancing collection of powerful songs.

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A Pasture of Desire: The Promise of Ryley Walker’s “Primrose Green”


Ryley Walker is a 25 year-old from the Chicago suburbs by his birth certificate and a time-traveling folk-rock spirit by his career. One look at the cover of his sophomore album, Primrose Green, is enough to make anyone think they’ve stumbled across a lost classic from the late 1960s, what with the ethereal photography and Walker himself in long hair and vivid-colored blazer. The music within reinforces such an impression, as it draws so heavily on the styles of some of the era’s most acclaimed records. Walker is definitely not in that league yet, but Primrose Green suggests a fruitful career is in store.

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