Worst Spot for Valentine’s Day

CupidIt’s Valentine’s Day, and there’s lots of different places to spend it, whether you’re spending it with loved ones, someone special, on a first date, or treating yourself to a Party of One. Here at the Recorder, we’ve done a quick run-down of the Worst Places to Spend Valentine’s Day, so that you don’t have to experience them for yourself.

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Christmas with a Twist: David Sedaris’s Holidays on Ice

Image of Holidays on Ice by David Sedaris

Image courtesy of Hachette Book Group

Like most families, mine has many treasured holiday traditions. One of the most sacred is unpacking our fuzzy-haired and completely deranged-looking angel from the 1970s Jack Daniels box in which she resides during the offseason. We then attempt (and usually fail) to reattach the one tiny plastic arm that constantly falls off before we place her atop the tree. My mom and dad bought the angel before I was born, and as homely as she is, I’m pretty sure she’s the only item my siblings and I will fight over when the time comes to divvy up my parents’ things.

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