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11182069_758283950936692_8770828860156475044_nThis week Unscripted Moments is covering Sketch Comedy with a brand new group on the Chicago scene – Adults! This is the first Sketch show that I’m covering and I am very excited to be able  to expand to a new genre in live theater. When I went to view the show, this time I was able to sit in on more of a rehearsal process…and let me tell you, it was so much fun watching this crew work and collaborate together.

Adults is putting up their first Sketch Show titled KIDNAPPED. The group is made up of Zack Germain, Brittany Flynn, Sarah Sterling, and DJ Cashmere.

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(photo by Evan Mills)

Leigh Yenrick: When writing for this show, what were you going for? Was there an overall feel or point you were trying to make?

Sarah Sterling: We didn’t really start with a theme. We improvised together for a bit, and decided that we liked working together and wanted to move from improv to sketch. We do tend to go very dark and intense as a group, and we kept to that throughout this process. I think the overall feel of the show is hope in the face of complete depravity.

Brittany Flynn: I love improvising with Adults because we are all so different and we each bring a unique perspective to our shows. I think with this show we wanted to keep the audience on their toes and not lose that unpredictability that we produce as improvisers. I just wanted to have fun and get weird.

Zack Germain: When Adults improvise together, things tend to get weird and dark pretty quickly. So, when we started pitching ideas for the show, many of the characters we were considering had dark secrets or trust issues (side note: one of our warm-ups is telling a personal secret to each other before the show. Somehow I’m the only one who ever has time to get one out). This sparked the idea that we don’t really “know” anyone, and (spoiler alert) sometimes you have to let go of the idea of someone in order to get along with them. Also, we thought “kidnapped by adults” was a funny title.

DJ Cashmere: For me, the goal was for us to be as funny as possible with as much variety as possible.  As we wrote more and more, we found ourselves hitting on gender norms a lot, as well as themes of human connection and mortality. We wrote almost everything together, which was great fun, and it helped insure that, no matter how dark the material might be, it’s all silly or smart or ridiculous enough that everyone in the room will have a good time.

LY:  If you could describe this show in one word what would it be?
SS: Deranged.
BF: Deviant. I think it goes in directions audiences aren’t used to seeing.
ZG: Lemonade
DJC: Dark–but with a huge heart.
LY:  This series is titled “Unscripted Moments”, so I always like to ask: what is your favorite moment in the show and why?
SS:We have a song in the show called “The Lemonade Man.” While writing this, we all sat around eating brunch, laughing at the idea of a creepy guy selling lemonade. We laughed about it for almost a half an hour- there was no scene pitch, no point at all- and yet this idea had all of us laughing. Then and there I’m pretty sure we were all positive it wouldn’t make it into the show. Brittany is the Lemonade Man and does it absolute justice. I also love seeing DJ and Zack play themselves as two dudes falling in platonic love with each other as they share their passions, which are not manly at all. Pretty much every moment in this show is a blast and I’m very happy I got to be a part of it.
BF: There are so many meaty moments in this show it is nearly impossible to pick just one, I’m not gonna lie; but in the spirit of interviewing…I love the scene “Go Cubs” (it’s actually called Go Bears, don’t ask me why) because there are so many levels to play. It goes from zero to sixty and back down to ten. And I love playing with Sarah, I think she’s amazingly talented and It’s such an honor getting to work with her and the rest of Adults.
ZG: There is this semi-bizarre moment where a presidential candidate goes off on this tangent about how a piece of college-ruled paper came in third place as a write-in during the Carter election. It started as an off hand joke by Sarah during a writing session (that involved drinking wine) but we laughed too much to not put it into the scene. It’s possible that no one in the audience will laugh at it, and that it will come off as a weird non-sequitur, but it’s just so damn weird and funny that I’ll never care.
DJC: The show is called ‘Kidnapped.’ I think my favorite moment is probably Brittany’s creepy rendition of a guy selling lemonade. It came up organically in our process very early on. It’s the dumbest thing in the show, and I laugh hysterically every time she does it.


(photo by Evan Mills)

I want to encourage you to go out and support live theater in Chicago and this wonderful group! This Dark, Deviant,Deranged, Lemonade show is NOT to be missed. So GO, so you too can go and find maybe your favorite Unscripted Moment!

KIDNAPPED runs Sundays at 9PM from  June 7th -28th , at MCL Theater 3110 N. Sheffield Ave.Chicago, IL 60657

Tickets Available HERE: http://www.mclchicago.com/kidnapped-by-adults.html

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