1. Michael

    This is what I’ve always thought about the Hall of Fame. It was how I was able to learn about the game that was. It was how I learned some “Old Time Hockey” tricks that helped me take playing goalie from the scientific method, that it had become during the early ’90’s, and make it a bit more “artistic”. I’m sorry that you missed most of those players, but especially Modano. He is the single greatest American hockey player I’ve ever had the joy to watch (and that includes Pat Lafontaine). I hope you get to see some of what he did in Dallas that helped keep it from being a joke of a move.

    • -J.

      Aye, I do wish I had seen more of Modano. I loved watching him as a kid with the North Stars, but I was too young and new to the sport to appreciate why I loved watching him. I’ve been lucky enough to have the NHL Network as part of my current cable package, and there’s been some cool historical stuff they put on in the off-season, which has let me see players from that gap (or older). Thankfully I didn’t completely miss every HoF player of that era (I saw Hasek in the Olympics and through BGSU friends, and Pavel Bure ’cause my brother is a Canucks fan), but looking through who is in the HoF — and why — did really help get back into the game after my hiatus.

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