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  1. David Bean

    Yes the loss of Robin Williams hits hard. As Alex stated we have a personal memory of his comic genius. When we sat second row center stage and watch him do his magic, react to the audience and change directions at the speed of a F-16 jet fighter – it was truly amazing. He could improvise given anything and then run with it for an hour. He had so much pent up energy and God only knows how many thoughts were running through his mind at any point in time, it was if he could not do and say everything he was capable of.

    I have seen this many other times through the years, that when a person has so much talent, and too few ways to share it, then it can eat away at them causing depression, and driving them to seek other outlets such as drugs alcohol or other vices.

    Robin Williams, you will be missed by everyone. Society will be a sadder place with out your humor to keep us laughing. May your soul rest in peace, but keep everyone in the afterlife laughing.

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