1. Maybe? Your take seems a little alarmist around the edges (and at the beginning, and end…). Marvel, at least with the Avengers franchise, has been doing a great job of keeping their movies interesting because they’re telling the human side of the story for their heroes. Iron Man III was incredible because of the character development for Tony Stark. I admit, I’m really only excited for the Avengers/Marvel movies coming up–I’ve never been into Superman or Spider Man, but I’m *really* excited for them. Even as they get darker, I trust they to keep a spark of humor that will keep the movies enjoyable and rich on more than one level.

    • I would say yes, if it weren’t for the fact that the Thor franchise is, well, less than exceptional (Tom Hiddleston aside), and Iron Man has run its course. (And don’t get me started on Iron Man II – I watched it last night. Not every Marvel movie has been good.) They could always reboot it, but I don’t see why. Even if the cream of the crop is what’s rising to the top of the bloody waters, it’s still relatively lightweight fare at the end of the day. Alex mentioned this in his share, but all of the plots are the same – and without deeper cultural relevance or major statements, I fear (FEAR) that these are going to wither out.

      Especially as the market gets glutted with superheroes. All it takes is for one of the new franchises (Black Panther or Captain Marvel) to flop and much of what they’re doing falls apart. It’s a precarious house of cards that looks fine now, but can’t hide its artistically hollow core. Call me alarmist, but I should also say this – I was at midnight showings for most of Phase I…and now it’s “well, I’ll see ’em when I see ’em”. I realize I’m a cynical sample size of one (1), but there’s gonna be a lot of noise over the next six years. What happens to those that get lost out there?

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