1. Sloppy

    Ummmmm… it’s Brett MorgEn. And anyone with a brain would know that “children’s choir” is Scala & Kolacny Brothers. Sloppy.

    • I’ve remedied the former – thank you for pointing out what somehow slipped by our two copy editors. Won’t defend that one – particularly since it’s in the poster.

      As to the latter, well…you’re right. How the fuck did I miss that one? GOD I’M AN IDIOT.

    • Alex Bean

      As one of those people who did the copy edits, let me defend myself by saying that your comment is fucking ridiculous. A name got misspelled and we didn’t ID a children’s choir by name. Are those sloppy? Sure, I guess. But we’re also a non-professional blog run through mutual cooperation with no investment of compensation. So maybe find a better outlet for your pedantry, because it’s just making you look like an asshole here.

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