1. Joe

    I agree with your assessment of the pilot episode. It was relieving to see a new comedy on ABC grab my attention so quickly, something that rarely happens. Fun, witty, and a great use of internet graphics makes this an actual “new” comedy to me. I fear, however, that her growth, socially, within one episode, while not extreme, leaves little room for this show’s growth long term. Will the show be fun? Probably, looking at the pilot. Will this plot get stale too quickly? I, for one, hope not.

  2. Alex Bean

    Lack of forward progress can trip up a series like this. My wife, Becky, has given up on About a Boy because the main character forgets every big moral lesson he learns at the end of each episode. Really, the same problems afflicts Modern Family. However, Emily Kapnek’s previous series, Suburgatory, did some outstanding character work in its three seasons despite a set-up that could have been self-limiting.

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