1. Alex Bean

    The comparison to Weeds is interesting to me, Meryl, because I recall that show having a much more caustic vibe. It’s identity seemed couched in a sort of snarky parody of suburbia, whereas Transparent (from what I watched) is much more gentle generous and sympathetic to its characters. Both shows are about people wrecking themselves, but the vibe seemed very different to me.

    Also, this comment made me go listen to the opening credits music. Now I just want to live in that musical space.

    • Very interesting — how many episodes have you watched so far, Bean? “Gentle,” “generous,” and “sympathetic” are not words I’d use to describe the members of the Pfefferman family. They all have their moments, but they mostly revolve around their own immediate needs and feelings. They don’t just wreck themselves — they wreck each other, too.

      The music is great, though.

  2. Alex Bean

    I watched all of parts of at least half the season. It’s not that the characters themselves were Leslie Knope, but the show itself didn’t seem to view them poorly. They fucked up sometimes, but I thought the show wasn’t about that. It was about people who fuck up sometimes (aka all of us) finding themselves.

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