Oh, Holy Shit, Hello!

If you’re arriving here at The Addison Recorder because of the link in Todd VanDerWerff’s essay over at The A.V. Club we just want to say hello! So…hello! Personally, I’m sort of flipping out that our little blog, with a readership that probably maxes out in the dozens and has a mere 71 Facebook fans,  was linked to by the publication that the four of us are all sort of aspiring to emulate on here. It might just be me, and it might just be because I am running on only a few hours of sleep because my dog is sick, but this feels like a big deal.

Anyway, please do have a look around. Our “Welcome” post from when we started off last summer is a good place to get to know the writers on here, and we’ve done a decent job of filling this site up with words since then. So dip into the archives, tell us what we’re right (like my thinking that The Master is some kind of classic) or wrong about (like Travis insisting that baseball is an exciting sport worth caring about).  I know for certain that this weekend Andrew is planning on liveblogging the Oscars (I may join him in this endeavor), and I’ll probably write my own accounting of the cinema of 2012 within the next few days, and we’ll have even more articles coming your way in the future.

Thanks for visiting!

Alex Bean

A life-long Midwesterner, currently living and working in Chicago. Primarily writes here about television and film (which is what he accrued crushing debt to study in school), but will write about books, sports, video games, or whatever else strikes his fancy. He's the one who thinks baseball is really boring.

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