1. Alex Bean

    Not trolling here, but one thing that’s always bugged me about Doctor Who (and most TV sci-fi or adventure shows, really) is the ludicrously high stakes. Most episodes of Doctor Who feature some kind of impending annihilation. Of the Doctor, or his companions, or the world, or the universe, or I’m asleep. When I know that the main characters are going to be back next week because their contracts with the BBC still exist it sucks any tension away from their mortal peril.

    So if I don’t care whether or not the characters will survive I need to be invested in them as people, and the show has never succeeded in making me do that. When I really sit there and make myself pay attention (rather than playing video games while Becky has it on) I just wind up hearing “sound and fury signifying nothing” in my head a lot. Then I just get itchy and wanna get back to the games.

    • Christopher Walsh

      You and I both know that I have a cold, dead heart, yet I have cried TWICE during Doctor Who: once when Amy and Rory departed and the other during the most recent regeneration. Different characters resonate stronger for different people, but it helps if you WANT to be engaged. It’s an adventure show. At a fundamental level, you have to be able to suspend your disbelief regarding BBC contracts. You yourself have told me you don’t like science fiction, and Peter Capaldi is going to be amazing, AND BEAN CAN’T GET ME DOWN.

  2. Alex Bean

    After we talked earlier, I think that I don’t like the Space Opera sub-genre of Sci-Fi. Pedantic social commentary > episodic adventures in the Beaniverse.

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